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A classical form of dance;  ballet demands grace, precision, focus, discipline, dedication and body awareness.  Established  ballet steps and gestures are set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement.  The skills developed in ballet are the foundation for all styles and levels of dance, and therefore essential for any dancer aspiring to progress and advance in any dance art form.


Beginner students will be introduced to ballet through creative activities which aid in the development of gross motor skills.  Instruction is focused on balance and coordination.  Students will be introduced to basic ballet fundamentals, including body alignment, vocabulary, and basic positions of the feet and arms.  As the student progresses, instruction will focus on more intermediate ballet technique and class room etiquette. Students will move through barre, center work, and progressions which include basic turns, jumps, and leaps. 


Class work continues to increase in complexity during barre, center work, and progressions as the dancer advances in their ballet technique.  Conditioning is essential to build strength and stamina for this level dancer.  As students approach the pre-professional stage, instruction centers on injury prevention, performance etiquette, musicality, expressiveness and technique.

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