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Tap is a rhythmic art form which utilizes the foot as a percussive instrument.  Not only is it a great way to improve coordination and leg strength, but also a personally expressive outlet for many artists.  Tappers at Dancing Plus learn styles ranging from the classic style of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire to the more modern urban styles of Savion Glover and Gregory Hines. Our Tap program offers skill development from beginner through advanced levels.  These classes work proper technique, sound breakdown, traveling steps, split rhythms, and stepping rhythms.  We focus heavily on musicality, rhythm, and timing, which is an essential part of a tappers training.


While we offer tap at all levels,  Dancing Plus is the only studio in Kansas City that offers a pre-professional tap class with "Tap Dog" Tyler Haydon. This is a very fast paced, advanced tap class that is available by audition only. Please see a Dancing Plus instructor for more details.

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