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Instructor / Choreographer

Victoria’s passion for the arts began at a very young age.  It started with a natural love of music that drove her to be classically trained in dance, piano, violin, and vocal technique.  She started her dance and vocal training at 3, by age 5 she was a soloist, and turned professional at the young age of 17.  A few of the numerous countries Victoria was showcased in include: England, France, and Italy, not to mention performing for many venues all over the United States.  She’s had the pleasure of sharing the stage with American legends such as Little Richard and Jim Stafford, all while continuously furthering her education from some of the industries’ leading innovators.  While Victoria was working for a record label in Chicago, she expanded her dance education and discovered her love for hip hop and tap at Chicago’s Hubbard Street Dance Center.   Focusing her energies on the two has opened many doors.  She has since brought her expertise back to Kansas City where she is currently coaching, teaching, and choreographing for various productions and competitive teams around the Midwest area.   Victoria cherishes the opportunity to work with fresh and eager-to-learn minds, and hopes to keep pushing the boundaries of Hip Hop, Breaking, and Rhythmic Tapping here in the Midwest. 

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